Food qualities

The qualities of this product are very remarkable. Logically and due to the cooking process, the extracto of canarian palm and plant´s honey generally have a lower percentage of calories, carbohydrates and vitamin C.

However, this apparent disadvantage is offset by its high content of basic trace elements.

Many of the following charcateristics matches the traditional use of medicinal uses of Extract of Canarian Palm in La Gomera. It is used in diseases of throat and flu, gargling or taking it directly. Its properties are recognized as a regulator of the urine and as a way to prevent infection.


It is essential for cell life and bone formation. It is necessary for iron binding, participating with this in the constitution of hemoglobin. Regenerative properties are attributed to it (chronic rheumatism, carcinomatosis).
It is a dynamic, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and antivirásic element. Mobilizes the body in cases of microbial infection attacks (eg constipation).


It is the most abundant of all trace elements. It is primarily known as antianemic, since it is the main component of hemoglobin. It facilitates intestinal transit.


Plays an important role in the mechanism of vitamin D and calcium balance controlled internal environment. Participate in blood bone formation. It is a prime elemnt in nerve, intellectual and sexual activity.


It is a growth factor, a general tonic, a cellular regenerator, a psychic and vagosympathetic balancing system, drain liver (increased bile secretion) and an internal and external antiseptic. It also acts as a regulator of calcium balance. Increases the body's defense reactions.


Involved in the formation of blood cells. It is a stimulant and a regulator of the pituitary gland and genital glands. Also in operation involving the liver and certain enzyme processes. .


Cardiac and muscular tonic, stimulates bowel movements and is involved in the regulation of the adrenal. It plays a very important role in the water balance of tissues. It's best used in muscle fatigue, the oliguria, obesities by water retention, chronic rheumatism, progressive chronic polyarthritis, consecutive osteoarthritis. It is also recommended in the case of lung diseases.