Collection and Processing

It is obtained from the sap of palm tree through a process of bleeding by a technique inherited from the natives "Guanches" over 500 years ago; consisting of cutting the terminal bud from which the sap called "Guarapo" that is collected every morning before sunrise, as the juice ferments very quickly, it is boiled and begins the process of skimming where all impurities, after several hours of cooking evaporates leaving in seven or eight liters of juice in one liter of fresh, tasty “Extract of Canarian Palm”. The technique of obtaining the juice is not damaging the palm, and after this use the palm is still living, and can be reused after four or five years.

The Extract of Canarian Palm is an ideal food complement for children, youth athletes and generally active people, has been always in the diet of the Gomeros as a food supplement, even its known for its medicinal properties used such as for constipating processes, sore throats etc. So some Naturists Doctors who know this product advise its regular consumption. Comparatively this “Syrup” contains fewer calories than any other, yet contains most basic trace elements. Its nutritional properties is very high due to its high content of calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.. For its pleasant aroma and flavor is used alone or combined with desserts, milky products etc.